• General

    • What is Homey?

      Homey is a laundry subscription service, designed to fit into your letterbox, your cupboard and your busy life. 

    • What is the difference between Homey Bio and Homey Non-Bio?

      Homey Bio, with our green formula, gives you our strongest cleaning power, designed to target and remove tough stains while caring for clothes and leaving them citrusy fresh.

      Homey Non-Bio, with our blue formula, is kind next to skin, while giving clothes a thorough clean and leaving a fresh, floral scent.


    • How do I use Homey?

      Firstly, place the capsule at the back of the drum, and then add your clothes. Remember to always follow the dosage and usage instructions on the back of the pack for best cleaning results.

    • How does Homey work?

      Homey capsules are liquid detergent in a precisely measured dose and are clean and safe to touch.  When the water flows into the washing machine, the capsule dissolves quickly, releasing the active cleaning ingredients through the wash. At the end of the wash cycle the detergent rinses clean away leaving clothes clean, vibrant and outdoor fresh.

    • Can I use Homey on all wash cycles?

      Homey capsules have been formulated to be suitable for use in most common machine wash cycles. They work at all temperatures and equally well in either hard or soft water.

      We do not recommend them to be used in very short or gentle cycles (e.g. quick wash or wool wash), or for them to be used for pre-wash / pre-treat cycles.

    • How many Homey capsules should I use?

      Simply use 1 capsule for normal washes with few stains.  If you have a particularly large or very dirty load or live in a hard water area – we advise using 2 capsules

    • Can I put Homey in the drawer instead?

      Homey capsules work best from the drum.  If you put them in the drawer there is a risk that the film won’t dissolve properly, the capsules are not designed to be put into the drawer.

    • How do Homey capsules work?

      Homey capsules have been developed to be simple to use.  During the washing cycle, the capsule will rapidly dissolve, releasing the detergent into your wash.

    • What is the best way to store Homey?

      Store the capsules inside the pouch using the plastic tray provided.  The pouch safety closure should be sealed up following the instructions on the pack to prevent young children or pets gaining access to the capsules.  As for all detergents, though, remember to keep out of the reach of children.  In addition, to maintain your capsules in perfect condition, store the capsules away from direct sunlight or heat sources and avoid storing them at low temperatures.

    • Does Homey work for both white and coloured clothes?

      Yes, you can wash both white and coloured loads using Homey capsules.

    • Do Homey capsules contain bleach?

      No, our capsules do not contain any bleaching agent.

    • Are there any fabrics where you wouldn’t recommend using Homey?

      We do not recommend the use of Homey capsules with woollen and silk articles and suggest that you use a liquid product especially formulated for these fabrics.

    • Can I still use my fabric softener?

      Yes, you can use your fabric softener with Homey capsules in exactly the same way you would with any other detergent.



    • What do I do if a Homey capsules has leaked from one compartment to another?

      Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen. But don’t worry - as long as the detergent liquid is still contained within the capsule you can use the capsule for your wash – it will still give you the same, great clean.

    • What do I do if a Homey capsule has leaked into the tray / pouch?

      We are really sorry that this has happened. As this will stop you safely using the tray and pouch system we would rather you did not use the capsules at all and will arrange to have a new box sent to you as soon as we can, free of charge. Please ensure the pouch is sealed and dispose it through your household waste. Let us know what has happened by sending a picture of it to our email address; or through the contact form on our website:

    • What if a Homey capsule breaks and the liquid comes into contact with my skin or eyes?

      Skin: If you get any of the liquid product on your skin, then wash the area thoroughly with lots of water. If skin irritation occurs, then seek medical advice / attention.

      Eyes: If the product gets into your eyes, rinse carefully with water and remove contact lenses (if present and easy to do).  Continue rinsing.  If eye irritation persists, then seek medical advice / attention. 

    • Is Homey packaging child safe?

      Here at Homey we take child safety very seriously and our packs have been especially designed to be child impeding.  Always remember to slide the tray back into the pouch, reseal the safety closure as shown on the pack, and store the closed pack out of the reach of children. 

    • Are Homey capsules child safe?

      As with all detergent products, child safety is best observed by keeping these products out of the reach of children, always. That is why we recommend that you choose the delivery place that is most appropriate to your needs, as delivery through the letterbox to your home may not be the best option for you if you have young children or pets.

    • Is the Homey pack pet safe?

      If your pet normally chews the post, we recommend not having the package delivered to your home and to choose an alternative address, such as work, for delivery. Our packaging is easy to transport.


    • Are Homey capsules safe for the environment?

      Our capsules are safe for the environment, just follow the instructions on the pack.  In addition, our capsules are also a positive environmental development as a way of providing a small and precise dose of detergent, and therefore help to avoid overdosing and releasing unnecessary chemicals into the environment. 

    • Is Homey packaging recyclable?

      Yes. Homey is made out of 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Where curb side schemes are yet to recycle, we offer a free returns scheme on all products. Just the homey freepost and we'll take care of the rest. All details can be found in our packs. 

    • How is Homey looking into reducing their packaging?

      At Homey we are committed to using the minimum packaging to ensure that our products reach you as they are intended.  We are always looking to optimise and improve our packaging, and we will always be transparent about it. Any suggestions on how we could improve? Shoot over a message to


    • Where can I buy Homey?

      You can only buy Homey capsules directly from our website.

    • Do you have a free trial? How does it work?

      It’s hard to commit to a new detergent without getting a chance to smell it. That’s why we offer a free trial. Once you register with us we’ll send out your first full pack. All we ask is that you cover the £1 postage and packaging.  

    • When can I expect my order?

      Your Homey capsules will be with you approximately 3-5 working days after you have placed your first order and further deliveries will be in line with the information on wash frequency that you gave us on sign-up.

    • How often will my Homey capsules be delivered?

      Use our website to tell us how many washes you typically do every week.  Our wash calculator will work out a delivery schedule which makes sure you get them when you need them.

    • Do you charge for delivery?

      No, delivery is included in the price for the subscription. You only pay £1 postage and packing for the free trial.

    • Where can I have my capsules delivered to?

      We can deliver our capsules across the UK. Unfortunately, we don't deliver to the Republic of Ireland or mainland Europe yet.

    • How large does my letterbox need to be?

      Homey packs will fit through letterboxes which are (at least) 21cm wide and 2.5cm high will be delivered to your home via Royal Mail. For those with a narrow letter box we’d recommend an alternative solution such as work. Our packing is easy to transport.

    • What if I don’t have a letterbox?

      Our Homey packs are delivered by Royal Mail. If you don’t have a letterbox, your pack will be delivered wherever your post is normally delivered. If instead you would like it to be delivered to an alternative address (e.g. work, family, neighbour, etc.), please let us know via the website.


    • My Homey pack did not fit through my letterbox. What do I do?

      There is no standard letterbox size in the UK. Therefore, we have designed and optimised our pack and box to fit through the majority of letterboxes (21cm wide and 2.5cm high). Unfortunately, if your letterbox is smaller than this, then our box will not fit through.  If that’s the case, we advise you to choose the “deliver to another address” delivery option on the website.

    • What is your refund policy?

      If for any reason you are unhappy with your Homey capsules and would like a refund, please email We would like to hear about your experience using Homey, good or bad.  We process refunds immediately, however, depending on your bank, it can take up to 14 days to clear.

    • My delivery hasn’t arrived – what should I do?

      Please contact us at


Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to close Homey as of 1st November 2019.

This was not a decision we have made lightly, particularly as we love the brand as much as you do, but for now, we have decided not to continue with Homey.

You will, therefore, receive no further charges on your account after 1st November 2019. As always, you are free to cancel before this date via the Accounts section on your profile. All existing orders will still be delivered as expected.